Wholesale Inquiries

General Guidelines


  • Order minimums depend on the item, e.g. vessels are minimum 20 units, with additional increments of 10. 
  • My logo will always be underneath the item.
  • Custom stamps can be done upon request - typically approx. $50 flat rate, free for future orders with the same stamp. 
  • Colour choices: white gloss, black gloss. Custom colours are additional, and based on availability. 
  • Clay body always white/ivory stoneware.
  • Custom and larger orders may take longer to produce. 
  • Works are handmade and may vary slightly.


  • Week 0 to 1 >>> Complete order placed, stamp/logo specifications required
  • Week 1 to 3 >>> Production to bisque firing
  • Week 2 to 5 >>> Production to glaze firing
  • Week 3 to 6 >>> Finishing, QC, packing, shipping
  • Week 4 to 8 >>> Shipping and delivery


  • Local Vancouver delivery $10 flat rate.
  • Free local pickup in Vancouver (Mount Pleasant).
  • Shipping & handling typically costs approx. $1.50/pc, Canada-wide. 


  • Payment upfront is best for those who have the means. 
  • Payment plans available upon request: 50% nonrefundable deposit upon order, remainder 7 days upon delivery.
  • Please prepare for final invoice to be ±1 unit, as I will always produce extra for any unforeseen issues that may arise. If this detail is an issue, I will try my best to accommodate.


  • All items are food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Handwashing always preferred, as the glossiness may fade over many dishwasher cycles.
  • Do not leave unglazed portions of pieces in staining liquids (coffee, turmeric, tomato sauce, etc.). Although the unglazed/raw portion is vitrified, it is still very slightly porous and prone to staining. 

To receive an official quote, please use the contact form below, and include your contact information, as well as the following information:

  1. Item(s) you are interested in
  2. Number of pieces, glaze colour
  3. Special/custom requests (based on availability)
  4. Expected timeline
  5. How you plan on receiving the items (Vancouver pick-up or delivery, or shipping method).

Please feel free to add any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Thank you again.